Virtual Office

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Our virtual offices provide all the necessary support for you, from which you can save the cost of renting physical office facilities. The only thing you need is to focus on the business and achieve success.

Our Features

Business Address

· Business address ( use ATLAS Workplace address on your website, business card, letter paper and other promotional materials ).
· Parcel receipt, notification and forwarding services ( charged service ).
· Enjoying 20% discount for renting billboard at ATLAS Workplace.

Flexible Service Period

We offer Flexible periods of services including Monthly / Quarterly / Half-year / Yearly cards,which are suitable for freelancers or small teams.

Call Handling

· A dedicated local phone number professionally managed by our in-house receptionists with Chinese and English customised greetings to introduce your business.
· 24 * 7 voicemail
· Voicemail messeges sent by SMS, phone, email, etc.
· Local fax numbers services including information collecting,sending,scanning and forwarding.(charged service)

Administrative Support

· Professional reception and administrative services (visitors reception, concierge services, etc. )
· Provide free tea, coffee, seasonal special drinks