amazing facilities
Equipped with world-class, modular office furniture

Introducing world-renowned office furniture brands Steelcase® and Maratti® Ergonomic modular office furniture is flexible and easy to use Freely match to create different individualized areas Promote team communication while maintaining independence.


supporting facilities

ATLAS Workplace Different special office scenes allow you to feel the joy of travel while working, and inject unlimited vitality into the inherent working style.

Introduction of supporting facilities
Advanced smart device

Supprted by the Powerful Salesforce CRM® system, we provide real-time customer service 24/7. Intelligent IT and communication equipment of international brands such as CISCO® and AVAYA® build reliable hardware and software equipment.

You can meet the surprise of work and the fun of travel. A lot of inspiration in the work is generated in this beautiful environment, thus together with internationally renowned design companies, the original interior design of seven continents’ styles are created.

Considerate facilities

An elegant tea break space and a variety of leisure facilities are set Open leisure bar allows you to drink coffee, beer and tea freely and enjoy your leisure time. Stand-up desks and office fitness equipment for a healthier way of working Live shooting



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