ATLAS a full ecological operator of Grade A office building integrating work, sports, catering and art. It is an office lifestyle for CBD workers to “Work Hard, Live Well”.We invite you to witness the development and growth of ATLAS. It is not only your workplace, but also the destination for your unique journey.

ATLAS announced to successfully introduce PAG and Goldman Sachs as strategic investment partners

Recently, ATLAS has announced the successful introduction of PAG -Asia's leading diversified investment management company and Goldman Sachs-the world's leading investment bank, as strategic investment partners.


ATLAS is a leading full ecological operator of CBD Grade A office, strives to build ATLAS Workplace, ATLAS Living Space and ATLAS Community.


ATLAS Workplace offers a variety of flexible one-stop office solutions, including co-working space, serviced offices and headquarter customized workplaces.



ATLAS Living Space integrates sports, dining, art and other elements to break the stereotyped working mode of CBD workers and build ATLAS office living community of Work Hard, Live Well.


ATLAS Coffee


ATLAS Kitchen


ATLAS Fitness


ATLAS GoGreen Urban Golf


 ATLAS Community


At present, ATLAS has settled in Guangzhou Agile Center, Development Center and Gade Land H Block. The three centers have been officially put into operation. The brand has attracted the attention of the industry upon launch. Its accurate positioning, excellent products and refined services make it become the benchmark for high-end office products, and its all-encompassing management model is considered to represent the inevitable trend of future development of office buildings. In terms of site selection, ATLAS meets the needs of CBD elites, selects CBD Grade A office buildings in major cities in China and overseas. In 2018, it will complete basic layout in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hong Kong.






Mr. Chen Silang, CEO of ATLAS, said: “This cooperation event has historical significance for the strategic development plan of ATLAS. PAG and Goldman Sachs are the leading diversified investment management company in Asia and the leading international investment bank. Whether the size of the company or the brand appeal has gained deep recognition from the investment community and provided solid financial resources and brand linkage effects in order to further accelerate the development of ATLAS in major cities in China and overseas in the next three years."



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