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Hu Xiangzhen

Media worker / Host / Actor

He is favored by the audience because of his crisp voice, good character and bright host style. He is nicknamed "Little Pearl". In 1998, Hu Xiangzhen hosted the midday entertainment program "Flying Star Fax", which won praises both inside and outside for its honesty, naturalness, sincerity and cooperation with the partners.


Li Muyuan

Dancer / founder of the pastoral dance theater

The founder and CEO of Pastoral New Media Dance Theatre, the teacher of the Art Troupe of Guangdong Foreign Language Art College, the guest teacher of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the seventh generation of Yang’s traditional Taijiquan, and the member of Beijing Haidian District Taijiquan Club, who starred in Winter Of Three Hairs, A Story of Lala's Promotion, "London's Documentary Promoting the Chinese Olympic" and so on.


Linda & Cloth Teacher

Founder of Liqing Highway

Senior media worker, former general manager of "City Pictorial", exclusive signer, image ambassador of Guangzhou Metro Marathon, traveler. Teacher Bu, co-founder of “Liqing Highway”, senior marketer of Internet sports, senior sportsman, professional runner, fitness content writer.

Mo Aoxin

Hostess / Singer / Designer

Mo Aoxin has multiple identities. She is a TV presenter, radio DJ, stage actor, columnist, fashion and jewelry designer. In addition, she is still a hot mom, and her son is 7 years old this year.


Chen Daka

Senior Media Worker/ Bestselling Writer

Frequently share nice things and experience of improving the quality of life on MicroBlog and WeChat. She is a microblogging opinion leader, with footprints covering the major five-star hotels and has a demanding pursuit of quality of life. Her fashion retro image is impressive, and she created the topic of “Fashionable Women’s Federation”, gathering a group of intelligent women who love life and love to enjoy, and are willing to share fun and useful things at home and abroad. The topics range includes food, travel, hotels, shopping, etc.


Wu Yicong

Founder of the City Elite Conference "Grand View"

We often hear about “doing public welfare” or you have personally participated in. Public welfare is a larger dimension, a more comprehensive consideration, which enables more groups to benefit from the public welfare, it can help people improve their lives and even save lives. However, when returning to the original intention, Wu Yicong’s original intention of public welfare was simply so pure.


Derek Cui

Star Makeup Artist

Derek interprets life with color. Work and life are life experiences, and they should be as colorful as color. Enjoy life while not letting go of work, and the right balance is the ultimate perfection.



Famous Food Criti

Mr. Xiong Wei (Teddy)--Travel fashion life expert, food evaluator, CEO of Juyi Culture. Teddy’s occupation and diet are not related, but he won extensive praises in the critics in recent years for his incomparable love of diet and happy practices. He has a very harsh attachment to food, pursues "health-oriented", and regards diet as a kind of learning. He has always interpreted "a personal cultivation of diet" and walks on the road that likes to eat and know how to eat.




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