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Hu Xiangzhen

TV Presenter / Actress

Nicknamed "Little Pearl”, Hu Xiangzhen is adored by the audience for her musical prowess, charming personality and enticing style. In 1998, Hu Xiangzhen hosted a midday broadcasting programme, which was critically acclaimed both in and outside of China for its honesty and sincerity.


Li Muyuan

Dancer / Founder of Pastoral New Media Dance Theatre

Li Muyuan is renowned for being the founder and CEO of Muyuan Dance Theatre, a teacher at the Art Troupe of Guangdong Foreign Language Art College, a guest teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, a seventh-generation practitioner of traditional Yang style Tai Chi, and a member of Beijing Haidian District Tai Chi Club. Li Muyuan has starred in notable productions such as Winter of Three Hairs, A Story of Lala's Promotion, and London's Documentary Promoting the Chinese Olympics.


Linda & Mr. Bu

Founder of Official WeChat Account “Dear Runner”

Linda is a senior media employee, former general manager of "Cityzine", exclusive freelancer of, ambassador of Guangzhou Metro Marathon and a self-confessed traveller. Mr. Bu is also the co-founder of “Dear Runner”, as well as a senior marketer of Internet sports, senior sportsman, professional runner and fitness content writer.


Mo Aoxin

TV Presenter / Singer / Designer

Mo Aoxin holds several positions. She is a TV presenter, radio DJ, stage actress, columnist, fashion and jewellery designer.


Chen Daka

Founder of Official WeChat Account “Chen Da Ka” / Famous Blogger / Bestselling Writer

FDaka loves to share her experiences of improving one’s quality of life on her microblogging site and WeChat moments. She is a key opinion leader, with footprints covering major five-star hotels and other trendy spots. Her fashion retro image is impressive, and she has created the “Fashionable Women’s Federation”, gathering a group of intelligent women who love life and are willing to share fun and useful experiences both at home and abroad. Her favourite topics include food, travel, hotels, and shopping, amongst others.


Wu Yicong

Founder of the City Elite Conference "the Great View"

We often hear about charity, and it is something that benefits everyone. It helps people improve their own lives and even saves lives of those who need our help. As the founder of “the Great View”, Wu Yicong hopes that the lectures that he delivers can provoke social responsibility from both corporates and individuals. Involvement in charitable work also brings attention to the development of the city and acts as a trigger for social change. He hopes that “the Great View” can become a stage for exchanging ideas and showcasing creativity, which can inspire and motivate audiences both here in China and beyond.


Derek Cui

Makeup Artist to the Stars

Derek interprets life through colour, or more specifically, make up. Work and life are part of our life experiences, and they should be as colourful as the bright shades of a rainbow. Derek believes in enjoying life whilst not giving up or letting go of work, as good work-life balance is the ultimate aim.


Teddy Xiong

Famous Food Critic  

Xiong Wei (Teddy) is a famous food critic, as well as travel and fashion expert. Teddy’s occupation and hobbies are not related at all and yet he has been complimented extensively by critics in recent years for his ability to combine them both. He is a self-confessed foodie and strongly believes in pursuing a healthy diet. He devotes himself to how great food is created and the best way to enjoy them, making him the perfect meal companion and an ideal food critic.